Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked questions (FAQ). If you don’t see your questions below, please contact us to learn more.

  • Do you have more details on your graphical lockout-service and what it is?

    Learn more about our graphical Machine Specific Procedures. If you would like to schedule a time to speak with someone about your lockout/tagout needs, or if you have technical questions, please contact us.

  • What does ESC need to get started?

    We simply need a formal approval through a Purchase Order system. Once we have a PO#, we will contact you to work out a convenient start time for the project.

  • When can you start?

    Our typical start time is approximately 8 weeks, however we have made exceptions to start within 48 hours if the situation warrants it. (Situations requiring exceptions include impending OSHA fines or lockout/tagout related accidents.)

  • Is travel fixed or is it billed separately?

    We’ve simplified our quoting process by including travel into a flat-rate proposal. This helps predict total project costs more easily.

    We factor travel expenses based on our previous years travel expenses. Even if our travel expenses end up being higher for your project, you won’t pay more because they are based on an annual fixed average.

    This is most fair to our clients and helps add predictability to project costs. We’ve been told by our clients that they prefer this approach and it makes budgeting much easier.

  • Are you insured?

    Yes, ESC is fully insured. Take a look at our client list and rest assured that ESC will meet or exceed the requirements to work for some of the largest companies.

  • How can you generate a quote only based on the name of the equipment?

    Our engineers have created over 300,000 procedures since 1999 and draw from that experience to fill in the blanks. If we run into an issue or have a question about certain aspects of the list we will contact you for clarification.

  • Is there a minimum amount of equipment that I need for you to come in?

    Typically, we service medium to large companies with 100 plus pieces of equipment, however we have serviced clients with smaller facilities or who want to have a small starter project.
    Customers with large facilities looking to conduct a smaller starter project benefit best when scheduling project for 100 procedures or more. This size project gives customers a feel for ESC’s services & capabilities, with the procedure deliverables covering a good sampling of equipment.
    For customers with smaller facilities, we offer two options for minimum project sizes:

    • A one week, 40 hour project.
    • A 25 LOTO procedure project.
  • How do I send you my equipment list?

    To send us your equipment list and receive a project proposal, please submit a Request for Services Quote and upload a copy of your equipment list.

  • What is your typical price range for graphical lockout/tagout procedures?

    ESC’s price range for custom made machine specific lockout/tagout procedures varies based on your location, complexity of the equipment and total quantity.  When you partner with ESC, you are given a flat per procedure rate that helps give you the piece of mind that no matter how long it takes our engineers to create the procedure, you are protected with the not to exceed procedure rate.

    To obtain information about special pricing for your specific needs please contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you.

  • Is there an ROI associated with your procedures?

    Yes, there is an ROI associated with our procedures. The procedures will allow your authorized employees to more quickly lock the equipment out and restore it to service which will result in more equipment availability, less time spent by the authorized employee, and also less equipment/process down time. Depending on how much a production minute and employee hour costs you, you can realize an ROI in as little as 2-3 months or sooner.

    Example: Our procedures have been shown to reduce the time it takes to lock out a machine by 50% on average. This said, a 1 hour lock out now only takes 30 minutes. For one graphical procedure that might have cost $200, you just saved 30 minutes of the authorized employee’s time at $40/hour. If the lock out occurs 10 times in a month, you just achieved a 100% ROI in 1 month just by personnel time savings. Now when you factor in the production minute savings by the 30 minutes per incident, you might achieve an ROI in a week.

    If you are a high speed manufacturer (food, beverage, product, etc.), you’ll almost certainly realize an ROI in less than a month because of the increase in production. If you are in the power generation or distribution business, you could justify our turn-key service (procedures, training and annual audits) by the hourly mega-watt savings from not just personnel time, but by simply restoring your plant to commission sooner.

  • What does ESC do for lockout/tagout procedures?

    ESC will send engineers to your site, take digital pictures of your equipment, and create customized lockout/tagout procedures based on the information that is collected. For a week of our time on-site, our engineers will normally need to spend at least 1-2 hours of time with your in-house staff to get questions answered regarding preferences and specifics with the equipment. We welcome and encourage additional involvement, however we do not require much assistance due to our experience.

  • What does OSHA look for during an audit?

    During an audit, OSHA will look for your LOTO procedures first. If you don’t have machine specific lockout/tagout procedures, they will know you also couldn’t have complied with the required annual training and audits. That’s 3 separate fines, that could cost $100K plus or more.

    Learn more of exactly what OSHA looks for when they show up at your door:

    Stay up to date with industry experts as they help answer Lockout/Tagout questions by following this group on Facebook.

  • Why do I need lockout/tagout procedures?

    OSHA requires that every machine in your building or facility have a lockout/tagout procedure unless it meets all 8 criteria. If you do not have machine specific lockout/tagout procedures for every piece of equipment that is on your property, you could face severe penalties, including the following:

    • Federal Fines: Fines will vary based on the situation, anywhere from $1,000 to several million dollars. An average fine for knowingly not having lockout/tagout procedures runs between $50,000 and $100,000. If there is an injury or death associated with lockout/tagout as well as not having a compliant program, the fines could be 10 times that much.
    • Imprisonment: OSHA has federal jurisdiction to issue criminal charges, including imprisonment for employers who knowingly do not comply with the regulations. For instance, if you know that you are not compliant with lockout/tagout regulation (currently in the top 4 most cited regulation of all of OSHA’s regulations) and choose to do nothing about it, you could face steep fines and imprisonment.