Engineering Out Lockout/Tagout

Task based procedures designed to facilitate safe servicing of equipment in a consistent way that avoids lockout/tagout when possible. SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) are the answer to the productivity-balance equations – while enhancing safety and ensuring full compliance.

ESC’s SOP procedures are very easy to use and intuitive. They are enhanced with graphical images and configured to be intuitive and familiar with your graphical lockout-­tagout procedures. SOPs come compete with graphic enhanced task-based steps, making them much easier to read and follow than purely text-based procedures.

Project Components Included with SOP Module:
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) printed onto UV-resistant stock, durably laminated in heavy-weight laminate, and securely mounted onto machinery (or laminated in binders per client’s preference)
  • Electronic files of all Standard Operating Procedures and all associated files used to create the procedures
  • Microsoft Office template used to create the Standard Operating Procedures
  • 1 desk copy of all procedures mounted in 3-ring binder