What is Arc Flash?

Arc Flash is the result of a rapid release of energy due to an arcing fault between a phase bus bar and another phase bus bar, neutral or a ground. Since this sudden release of energy can be extremely destructive and potentially fatal, OSHA requires arc flash analysis for all electrical equipment including meter sockets, switch or breaker panels, fuse panels, MCC’s, hard wired disconnects, machine control disconnects, and any panel likely to be serviced by a worker while energized.

A comprehensive Approach to NFPA 70E – Arc Flash Compliance Service Should Include the Following:

  1. A facility must provide, and be able to demonstrate, a safety program with defined responsibilities.
  2. Calculations for the degree of arc flash hazard.
  3. Correct personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers.
  4. Electrical training for qualified personnel on the hazards of arc flash.
  5. Appropriate tools for safe working.
  6. Warning labels on equipment.

How can ESC help?

ESC Services offers full compliance with NFPA 70E with engineering services such as arc flash hazard studies, electrical safety programs, electrical safety trainings, and other arc flash services.  Arc Flash subject matter experts will conduct an on-site analysis of the arc flash hazards in the facility as well as the current electrical safety program.  Based on the findings, ESC will provide a recommendation of the proper PPE and tools required to prevent arc flash injuries for all serviceable electrical components.  In addition to the recommended PPE, our engineers will install custom Arc Flash Labels on the equipment and provide qualified employees with the proper qualified electrical safety training required to protect them from the dangers of arc flash. Trust your arc flash service to the experts are ESC Services


Why act now?

Arc flash can be an extremely destructive and fatal release of energy and must be taken seriously.  While working live should always be a last resort, circuits must be assumed live until verified fully deenergized – a critical step to the lockout/tagout process.  Arc flash accidents result in devastating consequences to the workers involved and their families.  The accidents are also very damaging to the equipment and costly to the employer and its insurers.  The average cost of a single survived accident can easily reach $8-10 million in direct and indirect costs.  Legal settlements almost always involve citations of deficiencies in the employer’s safety program as a causative factor leading to the accident.

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