What are graphical Lockout/Tagout Procedures?

A properly constructed lockout/tagout system is one of the most important parts of a manufacturing line but is also relevant when servicing any other piece of equipment where an employee might be injured if there was an unexpected release of energy.  A graphical Lockout/Tagout procedure is a digital picture based document that clearly identifies the location and magnitude of all energy sources.  The documents also shows the proper sequence to follow and necessary steps to take to confirm a piece of equipment or machinery is locked in a zero-energy state before personnel perform maintenance or servicing.  These procedures are legally required to proactively manage the safety of all employees, but they also have unintended benefits of helping to protect valuable property and equipment, protect brand image of company, boost moral with improved safety program, and minimize production downtime.

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How can ESC help?

ESC Services is dedicated to providing businesses and industries in all sectors with lockout/tagout procedure service which include auditing, machine specific procedures, software, corporate policy, and training for all types of equipment and machinery. Our engineers conduct on-site evaluations and analysis to create customized procedures for each individual piece of equipment. These procedures include our proven triple redundancy system that:

  • Uses digital pictures to show where each energy source isolation point is located.
  • Instructs employees where to find each isolation point using text.
  • Correlates with custom graphical tagged energy source isolation points to quickly display where the lockout point is.

Each procedure is customized to its specific application to meet each client’s unique needs.  These options include sturdy and dependable laminated procedures for indoor environments, as well as binder and digital copies of each procedure, weather, UV and chemical resistant injection molded procedures, and individual QR codes with iPad and auditing software for each piece of equipment.


Why act now?

Lockout/tagout procedure violations are on OSHA’s Top 10 “Most Often Cited Violations” and Top 10 “Most Serious Violations” lists. Therefore, having a fully functional and compliant Lockout/Tagout program can save you thousands of dollars or more in fines and more importantly it can save the lives of your employees. A proper Lockout/Tagout program confirms that a piece of machinery or equipment is brought to a zero energy state and locked in that position so that an authorized employee can perform the necessary services safely and effectively without having to worry about a dangerous and possibly fatal release of energy.

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