What is Confined Space and how does it relate to Lockout/Tagout?

Confined space is any space that a person can bodily enter that wasn’t meant for permanent occupancy.  When an employee must enter a confined space, it’s important that they know if it’s a permit or non-permit required confined space to confirm they take the proper precautions to avoid injury or death.

How can ESC help?

ESC has developed a unique approach to confined spaces by taking the guess work out of the process.  ESC engineers will evaluate your entire site to create a confined space inventory list.  ESC will then evaluate each confined space to categorize it as permit or non-permit.  Once that is complete, ESC creates graphical procedures for each space to identify the hazards associated with the space, any lockout/tagout procedures associated, as well as the proper PPE that will be necessary prior to entering.

Confined space procedures are required by CFR1910.146 and must be available to the authorized entrants prior to entering.  With ESC’s graphical procedures, your employees will be protected with the industry’s best techniques and process in a consistent manner.

ESC offers the following services to manage a truly comprehensive solution:

  • Confined space inventory creation and classification
  • Permit evaluation of confined spaces
  • Graphical confined space procedures
  • Graphical confined space re-classification procedures
  • Comprehensive confined space training
  • Provide a list of recommended confined space signage
  • Confined space program annual audits


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