Why ADP?

An ADP procedure may utilize select isolation points of the equipment or alternative protection components and controls on machinery to remove the hazards in the machine zone to perform the specified task. Use of alternative protection components and controls require additional analysis to ensure they are sufficient and designed to control the hazards, removing additional risk of harm to the employees by not performing a full machine lockout/tagout.

Alternative De-Energization Procedures cover the full range of de-energization strategies to help provide an alternative to a full lockout where alternative protective measure procedures tended to lean more heavily to controls based documentation.

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The ADP Assessment includes evaluating each machine zone where an ADP is desired to determine the tasks to be completed and the associated hazards. The machine zone is evaluated to determine whether the ADP will be isolation point based or controls-based. ROI calculations are completed for each machine zone to help determine feasibility of developing the ADPs. A report is provided detailing the findings of the ADP Assessment that includes machine zones evaluated, tasks, controls based vs. isolation point based, and ROI calculations. A proposal for next steps to develop ADPs is generated after the completion of the assessment.

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During the Risk Assessment, ESC Services will identify and assess the real hazards involved in operating a machine. We will determine the level of protection required for safeguards and create the foundation of the safety system functional requirements, system design and validation protocol.


(Safety Functional Requirement Specification)

Together we will do an onsite review of the Risk Assessment, panel inspections, cable routing plans and measurements. Safety functions and additional recommended mitigation techniques will be documented. A final review will analyze possible productivity impacts and provide a plan to maintain maximum uptime.


(with Controls)

ADP procedures created with caveat that they have to have remediation completed from SFRS to be able to use.

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