#1 Gain peace of mind with comprehensive Lockout/Tagout service.

Collaborating with ESC means you can rest assured that our engineering specialists have custom created a world-class, comprehensive lockout-tagout solution that proactively manages employee safety while optimizing production efficiency. Not only will the chance of OSHA fines related to lockout/tagout be a thing of the past, the lockout/tagout program is so advanced it will pay you back in efficiencies you never thought possible.   Learn more about what it’s like to work with ESC.

#2 Protect Employee Safety.

Lockout/tagout accidents rarely end with bumps and bruises.  Even small and simple machinery has the ability to permanently alter or kill a person in seconds.  No safety manager wants to face the family of an employee and explain why their loved one isn’t coming home because of a workplace accident that could have been easily avoided with an improved lockout/tagout program.

Who your company chooses for LOTO Services is extremely important.  With ESC, you can relax knowing we have a track record delivering hundreds of thousands of custom made LOTO procedures utilized for over a decade with no associated OSHA citations or accidents. Every day thousands of employees protect their life with our intuitive graphical procedures and our unique style of trainings that empower everyone to be a part of the solution.  Experience our trainings on our YouTube Page here.

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#3 Optimize Your Lockout/Tagout Process.

It is possible to actually reduce downtime normally associated with the lockout/tagout process through modernization of the approach.  Utilizing graphical lockout/tagout procedures, durable energy source ID tags, training and electronic tablets, ESC reduces the time it takes to perform lockouts and conduct annual audits by up to 85% while achieving a higher degree of confidence that safety is not compromised.

Only with ESC will you receive a comprehensive lockout/tagout program implemented quickly and accurately while being trained and provided all the necessary tools to maintain the system internally for years. Optimizing your lockout/tagout program can help you save time, money and lives.  Learn more about how lockout/tagout can pay you back here.


#4 Get the best overall industry value.

Compared to other safety engineering firms, we specialize in lockout/tagout procedure creation. We utilize the latest in technology and techniques to produce top quality procedures at the best possible price for our clients. Only with ESC will you have access to industry leading products and patented software that all works together to provide a comprehensive lockout/tagout solution that actually pays you back. It’s time to start looking at lockout/tagout differently.  It’s time to start saving lives and money. Learn about other companies that have saved millions with ESC.

#5 Using ESC is the fastest means to compliance.

OSHA has been citing manufactures heavily in the last few years for lockout/tagout violations. ESC can bring your facility into compliance with an all new modern lockout/tagout system in a matter of weeks, rather than months or even years that it may take to do it in-house.  Let ESC take lockout/tagout implementation off your plate and train you on how to properly maintain it so you never have to worry that you haven’t done everything possible to help avoid the accidents that plague the industry every year.

What to expect when working with ESC