Recently fined by OSHA? Here’s what you should do next.

Ask Questions

Talk with your OSHA inspector about your citation to find out the specifics and what your company can do to improve site safety.

Get Assistance

Begin to work on the items that you were cited for immediately. Reach out to the company who implemented your LOTO program for assistance with making corrections or consider finding another LOTO service provider to help remediate your program, usually more quickly than remediating in-house. Inform your OSHA inspector of your actions to show that you are rectifying the program and safety is a top concern for your company.

Check Employee History

If the citation was due to a specific employee, check your records to see if the employee has a history involving safety violations and the corrective actions that were taken. This documentation can be shown to OSHA to illustrate your company’s adherence to safety policies and procedures.

Review LOTO Components

Check to make sure you have all 5 components of the LOTO OSHA regulation, OSHA 1910.147:

Machine Specific Procedures

  • If equipment has 2 or more energy sources
  • That your procedures state the shutdown sequence and restart sequence for your employees to be able to follow every time

Training for Employees

  • All employees who work on equipment and perform LOTO must have authorized training, and employees who are on the manufacturing floor but do not perform LOTO must have affected training

LOTO Policy

  • Must be available for all employees to see so they know where their company stands

Locks and Devices

Annual Audit

  • Confirming your lockout/tagout procedures are evaluated on a continuous 12 month cycle

Contact OSHA

Once the items you were cited for have been taken care of, contact your OSHA investigator to let them know corrective actions are complete. They will most likely be reaching out to you to check on the status, but if the project is completed ahead of time and there is open communication from the site, you can help ease the inspection process and get back to business.