ESC Compliance in The Virgin Islands – Lockout/Tagout in The Virgin Islands

ESC services all locations in The Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands has a state ran OSHA program and ESC specializes in customizing your lockout/tagout procedures to not only exceed The Virgin Islands lockout/tagout regulations, but also meets your satisfaction as the most efficient and easy to follow procedure possible.

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About The Virgin Islands State Plan

The Virgin Islands State Plan was converted to a public employee only occupational safety and health program on July 1, 2003. It is administered and enforced by the Virgin Islands Department of Labor, Division of Occupational Safety and Health (VIDOSH) throughout the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands public employee program, established by theVirgin Islands Occupational Safety and Health Act (24 V.I.C. Chapter 2 – Act No. 6846) was amended on July 19, 2006 to reflect its limited public sector coverage in compliance with the revisions noted above. It extends full authority to the agency to enforce and administer all laws and rules protecting the safety and health of employees of the Government of the Virgin Islands, its departments, agencies and instrumentalities, including any political subdivisions. It covers all activities of public employers and employees and places of public employment. The Territory has adopted all Federal standards applicable to the public sector in the Territory of the U.S. Virgin Islands, and has given assurances that it will continue to adopt and update all Federal standards, revisions and amendments.

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