ESC Compliance in Minnesota – Lockout/Tagout in Minnesota (MN)

ESC services all locations in Minnesota. Minnesota has a state run OSHA program and ESC specializes in customizing your lockout/tagout procedures to not only exceed Minnesota lockout/tagout regulations, but also to meet your satisfaction as the most efficient and easy to follow procedure possible.

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About the Minnesota State Plan

The Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health program is administered by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. The department’s Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Division is responsible for compliance program administration, enforcement inspections, adoption of standards, and operation of other related OSHA activities. Workplace Safety Consultation provides consultation services, on request, to help employers prevent workplace accidents and diseases by identifying and correcting safety and health hazards, and operates several employer assistance programs.

Management and administration of Minnesota OSHA (MNOSHA) is the responsibility of the OSHA Management Team (OMT). The OMT is comprised of the five Minnesota OSHA Supervisors, two Minnesota OSHA Area Directors, and an Administrative Director. The mission of Minnesota OSHA (MNOSHA) is to make sure every worker in the State of Minnesota has a safe and healthful workplace. This mandate involves the application of a set of tools by MNOSHA including standards development, enforcement, compliance assistance, and training and education, which enable employers to maintain safe and healthful workplaces.

The largest industry in Minnesota is health care. Minnesota is also an agricultural state with the related grain handling and processing, dairy, poultry, and meat packing industries. The four largest manufacturing industries include industrial machinery, printing and publishing, food and kindred products, and forest products (paper, lumber, wood, etc.).

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