ESC Compliance in Indiana – Lockout/Tagout in Indiana (IN)

ESC services all locations in Indiana. Indiana has a state run OSHA program and ESC specializes in customizing your lockout/tagout procedures to not only exceed Indiana lockout/tagout regulations, but also to meet your satisfaction as the most efficient and easy to follow procedure possible. We will bring your company into compliance with our lockout/tagout services in Indiana.

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About the Indiana State Plan

The Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration (IOSHA) is dedicated to ensuring Hoosier workplace safety and health. To be successful, IOSHA will improve workplace safety and health for all Indiana workers by reducing hazards and exposures in the workplace environment that result in occupational injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. IOSHA works to change workplace culture to increase employer and worker awareness of, commitment to, and involvement in workplace safety and health while securing public confidence through excellence in the development and delivery of its programs and services.

The Indiana Occupational Safety and Health program is administered by the Indiana Department of Labor. IOSHA is responsible for enforcement of workplace safety and health regulations for most private and public employers. The Department of Labor is also home to INSafe which conducts consultative programs for Indiana businesses and public entities upon request. The Indiana Plan was granted final state plan approval on September 26, 1986.

Management of the IOSHA program is the responsibility of the Deputy Commissioner for IOSHA. The Deputy Commissioner of IOSHA is assisted by two Directors (Industry and Construction) and multiple Supervisors that handle the day to day workload.

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