Waste Management Industry Requires Lockout/Tagout Procedures

Well designed lockout-tagout for waste management equipment plays an important role in preventing catastrophic incidents. These procedures also help businesses control insurance losses and safety citations by OSHA.

Waste management and recycling industries perform valuable services that often involve large trucks with powerful components. Thousands of American workers are injured or even killed every year by unanticipated energizing, startup or release of machinery or equipment.

A municipal worker in New England recently had an arm amputated after it was crushed while performing routine maintenance work on a garbage truck.

Another garbage truck driver was killed when he was crushed by his truck’s compactor blade. This incident resulted in $17,500 in fines for violations that included lack of adequate lockout/tagout procedures.

Many recycling plants employ the use of conveyor belt systems that can jam or require maintenance. Proper lockout/tagout procedures are crucial to the safety of employees working on and around these conveyors.

ESC Services knows the lockout/tagout challenges waste management and recycling businesses face. We are experienced in designing safety programs to address all of your lockout/tagout requirements.

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