Utilities Industry Requires Lockout/Tagout Procedures

Lockout/tagout for utilities and related industries is required by OSHA to properly control hazardous energy during maintenance of any piece of equipment. Proper lockout/tagout procedures in public utilities result in fewer OSHA violations and increase productivity while helping protect your employees from injuries and worse.

Accidents resulting from improper shutdown or startup of equipment are detrimental to both the employees involved and to the company’s bottom line.

Extensive personnel training and access limitations in lockout/tagout procedures designed by ESC Services pay dividends in fewer accidents and healthier employees. Although many utilities, including the power-generating industry, have made great strides by implementing effective lockout/tagout procedures, the industry as a whole continues to find itself listed in the top ten of OSHA most frequently cited for lockout/tagout violations.

There are many industry-specific rules on lockout/tagout in electric utilities. These have resulted from the realization that the companies energy generating requirements include both external power and energy to operate the plant itself. This has resulted in programs and processes designed exclusively for power-generating companies.

Very technical applications are required to attain maximum safety procedures within public utilities. ESC Services is qualified to design and implement those procedures working in concert with company engineers and safety officials.

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