All Industries Require Lockout/Tagout Procedures

Any industry or business in America that use some kind of machinery or equipment requires – at a minimum – OSHA approved lockout/tagout procedures. These procedures ensure that machinery and equipment is shut down correctly and not subject to startup until work is completed and the employees are positioned to re-energize it.

Some industries have two or more workers simultaneously working on separate parts of a large system, it requires a “group lockout”. Color coded locks in a variety of shapes and sizes ensure that each component of the equipment or machinery has it’s own safety device.

Machinery and equipment in modernized businesses carry risks from a variety of sources. These include electricity, hydraulic, pneumatic, gas, steam, thermal, gravity, kinetic and a variety of toxic or corrosive liquids.

OSHA requires businesses to have not only adequate procedures for lockout/tagout, but also training, overall policy, equipment-specific devices and locks and regularly scheduled audits to assure timeliness and updates.

ESC Services has design and implementation experience in lockout/tagout procedures for a wide array of industries and businesses. The safety of your employees and your company’s bottom line requires that you know the risks and address them in a way that protects both you and your employees.

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