Mining Industry Requires Lockout/Tagout Procedures

According to the United States Department of Labor, between January of 2000 and December of 2008, there were 23 fatalities resulting from accidents caused by failing to follow proper lockout/tagout for mining industries. These accidents were from a variety of causes, including miners being electrocuted while working on energized circuits, miners who were working in close proximity to energized machinery, miners performing routine maintenance on energized equipment and miners doing maintenance on machinery re-energized by other miners.

Serious mining accidents result from direct contact with energized circuits, getting caught or stuck in equipment when performing maintenance or other conveyor-related mishaps.

Failure to lock, tag and/or try electrical equipment is one of the top five causes of fatalities in the mining industry. There are many energy sources to consider and control within the mining industry including electricity, machinery, pressure lines and vessels, sliding/falling material and other miscellaneous sources.

Mining is a dangerous business, but it can be made safer by implementing detailed procedures for employees to follow. ESC Services provides expert procedures to reduce and eliminate mine-related accidents resulting from inadequate or poorly conceived lockout/tagout procedures.

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