Manufacturing Industry Requires Lockout/Tagout Procedures

Industrial accidents in manufacturing environments are often caused by the unanticipated start-up (energization) of machines or equipment. Accidents like these can be avoided through the proper design and application of thorough lockout/tagout for manufacturing machines and equipment. Lockout/tagout devices and policies are designed to prevent of serious injuries by controlling accidental or unauthorized energy.

The machinery and equipment used in the manufacturing process is often powerful and dangerous and it is vital that it be properly controlled and monitored. There are two types of activities that need to be considered when designing your lockout/tagout program. One is the protection of employees and contractors performing service and maintenance on those machines. The other is the protection of workers who use the machines on a routine basis.

No job is too big for the professionals at ESC Services, who will design a lockout/tagout program that projects your employees and contractors in dangerous manufacturing environments.

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