Government Industry Requires Lockout/Tagout Procedures

Government jobs cover a broad array of duties, encompassing everything from schools to fire departments to public works. Many of these jobs include duties that may require lockout-tagout procedures.

Job safety is a high priority in most government jobs. Units of government feel obligated to set a high standard. For this reason, some of the most useful and sophisticated lockout/tagout procedures can be found in federal, state and local employment manuals.

Most government entities own vehicles. OSHA has made it clear that lockout/tagout procedures for vehicles are key to their safe operation. This includes, but is not limited to automobiles, trucks, plows, tractors, and other vehicles that need to be considered in developing your lockout/tagout policies and procedures.

Government buildings, on the other hand, have common areas where most lockout/tagout procedures are required. These include boiler rooms, kitchens, loading docks, and rooftops. Basically, any areas of the building where equipment that might have “stored energy” is found.

ESC Services works with government entities of all sizes to design OSHA-compliant lockout/tagout procedures that are consistent with the requirements to keep workers safe.

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