Equipment Repair Services Require Lockout/Tagout Procedures

OSHA requires that employers control hazardous energy during service and maintenance of all types of equipment. Lockout/tagout for equipment repair services will ensure that your employees stay safe yet effective. Examples of equipment that can be affected by stored energy include maintenance equipment, hoists, automotive lifts, material handling equipment, and other machinery.

To keep employees safe and job-related injuries to a minimum, machines are required to be isolated and rendered inoperable during maintenance and/or repair. No matter what type of equipment you are using, lockout-tagout for equipment repair services is required by OSHA.

Modern machinery can store many different kinds of energy. These include electricity, hydraulic, gas, thermal, gravity, pneumatic, steam and kinetic. An effective lockout/tagout procedure will help equipment repair companies avoid injuries caused by moving parts like presses, blades and propellers or from steam or even ultraviolet lights.

ESC Services will isolate exposures and design industry-specific lockout/tagout procedures.

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