Deliverables and Benefits


Identify Scope

Identify the full scope of work, which is guaranteed to not change for the areas that were assessed


Price Guarantee

Price and scope guaranteed for 12 months (excluding any changes to areas assessed after assessment conducted.)


Peace of Mind

If project was assessed at a certain quantity, the price will not change , even if the quantity ends up changing as the project commences.


Face Time with Engineer

Spend one-on-one time with an ESC engineer to address any site specific concerns.

Standard Facility Assessment

Up to 750,000 sq. Ft.
1 day onsite
1 location address assessment (contained in radius of 2 city blocks)
Credit 100% for approved proposal over 300 procedures
Credit excludes equipment inventory and fixed price options
Fixed Scope Proposal to complete areas assessed

Additional Assessment Options

Additional Facility Assessment Days Equipment Inventory List Fixed Price (not to exceed) Proposal
Over 750,000 sq ft Final equipment inventory list in MS Excel after assessment Proposal to complete all procedures required to comply with 1910.147 in defined assessment
Assessment can’t be completed in 1 day Price will not change regardless of final procedure count.
Credited at 100% for approved proposal of 300 procedures per day


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