Lockout/Tagout doesn’t need to be complicated.

What is lockout/tagout?

Non-compliance can be costly.

Learn how to avoid lockout fines associated with CFR1910.147 – The Control of Hazardous Energy. The #1 most cited OSHA regulation for manufacturing is Lockout/Tagout (LOTO). In fact, LOTO fines are increasing at over 50% annually in total cost per visit.

Not having a lockout/tagout procedure exposes your company to possibly of up to $70,000 in fines for each piece of equipment!

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Know your program.

Do you know the differences between your state’s OSHA program and the Federal OSHA regulations?

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The 5 lockout/tagout components every company must have.

There are five lockout/tagout components every company must include in their safety policy to confirm compliance with OSHA regulations.  Become familiar with required lockout/tagout components and learn the steps to improve on an existing lockout/tagout program to manage both safety and efficiency.

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Everything you need to know about Lockout/Tagout.

Lockout/Tagout University >

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