Our Style

ESC Services is a Rockwell Automation, Inc (NYSE: ROK) business unit focused on the creation of graphical lockout/tagout procedures and the complementary components that bring together a comprehensive energy control program. The approach we take helps companies not only achieve a higher level of safety while guaranteeing compliance with local regulations, but also targets specific areas for overall program efficiency improvements. The end result is not only fast payback, but also very, very satisfied clients.

Since 2003, ESC’s sole focus and passion has been on delivering modernized advanced lockout/tagout (LOTO) programs and that hasn’t changed. Taking a customized approach to each client allows our end solutions to be adaptable to each of our clients’ unique needs and business goals.  As technology and the workplace evolves, ESC will continue to stay at the forefront with innovative products and solutions to provide our clients with the highest performance solutions.

Our Mission

Since our earliest days, ESC always strives to maintain allegiance with our core mission:

  1. To provide the best possible service regardless of the conditions.
  2. To provide the best value to encourage repeat business.
  3. To maintain 100% quality and client satisfaction even after the project is complete.
  4. To continuously learn and adapt to every new environment to ensure our service is always improving.

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