Multiple Worksites? ESC Engineers Travel Around the Country to Meet the Needs of Clients

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LOTO Multiple Worksites | ESC Services ... the customer reported a 13% gain in productivity and contracted with ESC Services to continue the customized LOTO program in 61 facilities.

A recent project involved a large client in the courier services field, with eight facilities spread out across North America. ESC engineers traveled to each worksite, meeting with employees and conducting the precise audit for which they are known. These meetings and the subsequent lockout/tagout protocol had to be completed while adhering to the customer’s tight schedule.

This courier company shared several goals with ESC engineers:

  • Implement and standardize a lockout/tagout process across all eight North American sites.
  • Track lockout/tagout being conducted at all eight facilities
  • Provide a single reporting structure
  • Adhere to strict deadlines
  • Customized training requirements


Our team both met, and exceeded these goals. Engineers solely dedicated to this project worked together to craft a lockout/tagout program, on time, to address all of the client’s concerns. Specific outcomes included providing a scaled number of resources to fit specific volume needs and the incorporation of corporate standard deliverables (training and procedures).

The ScanESC safety program management solution was implemented at all eight worksites. A key feature of this program is the ability of Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) administrators to monitor the status of lockout/tagout programs across all locations. Drilling down, EHS managers can access employee and procedure audit status and downtown data based on lockout. This solution achieved the client’s goals of a standardized LOTO process throughout their organization.

In addition, the customer reported a 13% gain in productivity and contracted with ESC Services to continue the customized LOTO program in 61 facilities. The client planned to add their last eight worksites the following year.

ESC Services prides itself on being a global leader in machine safety procedures. If increasing the efficiency, productivity and safety of your company are your top priorities, contact ESC Services today!


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