Cutlery Manufacturer Takes Advantage of ESC Specialized Engineers and Custom Procedures

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Specialized Engineers | ESC Services Engineers’ training and focus translate into modernized and refined safety procedures that can help increase productivity and profits, reduce downtime and improve safety statistics.

Specialized engineers. Custom procedures. Fast turn-around.

In today’s competitive market, more and more companies are taking advantage of Engineered Safety Control (ESC), a Rockwell Automation brand’s experience and lockout/tagout (LOTO) specialized engineers to streamline their processes. The ESC engineers’ training and focus translate into modernized and refined safety procedures that can help increase productivity and profits, reduce downtime and improve safety statistics. It also means that ESC provides highly focused implementation and fast turn-around, along with OSHA standards compliance. Such was the case, recently, with a world-wide disposable cutlery company.

After the initial meeting with the client, it was clear that detailed, customized templates for their LOTO procedures were a top priority. ESC’s engineers held meetings over multiple days with the company’s upper management to discuss the details required for the LOTO templates.  This disposable cup and cutlery customer wanted the templates to include lockout procedures for gravity, electrical and nomadic energy sources. Each procedure was specialized to include both the LOTO procedure and the machine’s standard operating procedure (SOP), a unique detail requested by the client.

With identifiable pre-, mid- and post-steps, ESC’s engineers worked closely with the client’s team to outline procedures that met their specifications. Many of the procedures dealt with unique gravity safety points and required food- and beverage-specific metal-detectable tags. This added a great deal of complexity to the project. ESC’s team worked closely with the customer to confirm the quality and safety requirements for the ESC lockout/tagout tags and related procedures, so that the cutlery company was in compliance with OSHA food-grade guidelines.

Along with the creation and implementation of the client’s LOTO program, ESC’s team created a unique ID for every energy source. This required the development and customization of every LOTO tag within the customer’s several manufacturing locations – with one plant requiring over 3,000 tags alone.  ESC’s engineers interviewed operators on day-to-day processes and interacted with maintenance to determine each machine’s SOP and its energy lockout points.

ESC’s lockout/tagout-focused engineers leveraged their experience and knowledge to collaborate with the customer. They worked through safety guidelines and regulations for a food-grade facility and provided customized LOTO and tags procedures on a multitude of machines. The ESC LOTO engineers were laser-focused on reducing downtime and increasing efficiency for the beverage manufacturer. They were able to quickly identify specific, time-saving measures for machines such as fillers, case sealings, case erectors, portable pumps, and more.



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