Next Generation ScanESC

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Understanding that existing technology must evolve with industry needs, ESC has dedicated resources to improving the ScanESC offering."

Technological advances are happening everywhere we look. Today, technology is being leveraged daily in order to enhance our lives. In the workplace, every process that exists (regardless of industry) is leaving a footprint of data behind that is waiting to be gathered and pieced together in order to unfold meaningful stories. However, without proper tools to gather, analyze, and interpret data, meaningful information about process performance (downtime, duration of tasks, process defects, employee competency, etc.) is being overlooked. Knowing this and understanding that existing technology must evolve with industry needs, ESC has dedicated resources to improving the ScanESC offering. The new version of ScanESC will maintain all of its current functionalities but will now be available on multiple mobile operating systems while being able to analyze a wider spectrum of data. Additionally, ScanESC will be able to execute SOPs that are created on the ScanESC portal.

ScanESC will continue to be cloud based and push all of your digital procedures to your mobile device so that you can view or audit your lockout/tagout procedures. The new version of ScanESC will be available on all of the following mobile operating systems (currently only available on iPads):

  • Android
  • Windows
  • iOS (iPad, iPhone)

All data will continue to be stored in the cloud and will be accessible on any computer from anywhere in the world. With the new version of ScanESC the user can manage their lockout/tagout program, delegate audit and employee tasks, access real time data, and collaborate between users in order to maintain their program compliance. A brief overview of these items is listed below.

  • Manage
    • Easily view the status of your facility/facilities through reports displayed on the ScanESC portal dashboard
  • Delegate
    • Assign audits to individuals
    • Individual employee visibility to ‘What is due that is assigned to me?’
    • Individual employee visibility to ‘Authorized Employee audits assigned to me?’
  • Real time data accessible on server and other mobile devices
    • Data can be pushed to server instantly if an internet connection is available. If internet is not available, the mobile app saves the information offline and syncs it to the cloud once an internet connection is obtained.
  • Collaborate between users
    • See which audits have been completed and which have not
    • See which employees have been audited and which have not
    • See which LOTO procedures have been executed and who was involved in the lockout process
    • See total downtime by facility

The capability to create and execute standardized operating procedures (SOPs) is being added to ScanESC. Users will now be able to create an SOP in the ScanESC portal for any facility, area, location, or machine. Additionally, in order to facilitate the execution of SOPs, images can be added on a step by step basis. SOPs can be related to lockout/tagout procedures or they can be completely independent of them.

Through the revamp of ScanESC we are enhancing our customers’ ability to reduce annual admin burden by facilitating not only the ability to perform all lockout/tagout related activities digitally, but also by making their digital experience more intuitive and user friendly. The new version of ScanESC will give better and more consistent data pertaining to all things related to LOTO (LOTO execution, LOTO audits, Authorized Employee audits, SOP executions, etc.) while improving team collaboration efforts towards compliancy. Digitalizing SOPs with ScanESC can improve productivity by localizing a single SOP in the portal and pushing it out to multiple mobile devices. Additionally LOTO related SOPs can improve productivity by shortening lockout times and enabling broader consistency to perform tasks across many people.

About Servio-Tulio Moreno
Servio-Tulio Moreno is the Operations Support Manager for ESC Services, a Rockwell Automation brand. He was previously a field mechanical engineer and then a Project Manager for ESC Services. He has managed dozens of lockout/tagout implementation projects for many large companies in the US. Servio-Tulio’s field specialty is with hydraulic systems, aircraft metal forging equipment, plastic polymer manufacturing, and water treatment systems. Additionally, Servio-Tulio has been highly involved with the development of the revamp of ScanESC, a software that facilitates the management of lockout/tagout programs by digitalizing the user experience and giving the user the power to manage their program from their fingertips.