OSHA Safety Concerns Result in Massive Fine

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OSHA Safety Concerns Result in Massive Fine “ignore OSHA rules despite knowing them? - OSHA official

A 46-year old employee of a Swedish based auto insulation company located in Oregon lost his right arm while feeding scrap material into a shredding machine, according to the regional office of the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA).

The company, which has plants all over the world, faces potential fines totaling nearly $570,000. A spokesman for OSHA described the accident as “preventable”. He is reported to have accused the company of choosing to “ignore OSHA rules despite knowing them.”

The investigation by OSHA uncovered several alleged safety violations, including:

Lack of proper protective guards.
Failing to train workers on procedures and policies for disconnecting power sources to machinery that is being worked on or unjammed, potentially exposing employees to flying debris.

“Willful” was the OSHA classification assigned to the violations. “Willful” is the most severe category for OSHA classifications. The company had 15 days to either pay the penalties or contest the allegations. Another option for the company was to request a conference with OSHA administrators.

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