OSHA Cites Company for Ignoring Crucial Safety Procedures

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OSHA cites company for lack of safety Cited for continuing to “ignore crucial safety procedures for working in confined spaces.”

A tank-cleaning company, based in Lansing, Illinois, experienced a tragic accident at its New Orleans site recently. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has found the company in violation of safety rules that resulted in the death of one employee and the hospitalization of two others.

OSHA proposed $226,000 in fines against the company, which they cited for continuing to “ignore crucial safety procedures for working in confined spaces.” The company was cited by OSHA for failing to conduct atmospheric tests inside a railroad-tank car prior to workers going inside to clean it. OSHA also indicated that the company failed to require rescue lines to be attached to the employee’s harnesses.

OSHA has found this employer in violation of safety standards on three previous occasions.

The company’s two Illinois locations were cited for similar violations in 2012. A 2014 OSHA inspection cited the company for “expecting employees to work with hazardous materials . . . in dangerous spaces without safety equipment.”

The company previously paid penalties of $142,100 and $79,464.

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