2014 National VPPPA Conference Seminar – Advanced Lockout Tagout

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“This seminar blew me away. Nice work - I'm so glad I stayed for the presentation even though I'll be stuck in DC traffic now.” - VPPPA Member


VPPPA - national expo 2014

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2014 National VPPPA Expo and a special thank you for the over 100 attendees who participated in our 1-hour seminar on advanced lockout tagout – Presented by Jimi Michalscheck.

What is “Advanced Lockout Tagout” – Download the training to learn more, but here’s a summary: 

Advanced Lockout Tagout Programs are ones designed to ensure employee safety (and minimum OSHA compliance) while finding the most effective way to maximize productivity.

Advanced Lockout Tagout Programs must:

  1. Have a sustainability plan
  2. Utilize modern hardware
  3. Evolve over time

ESC enjoys presenting new and exciting information to the enthusiastic groups often found at the VPPPA shows – The passion behind safety is a common thread we all share.



Below is a recap of the audience questions discussed during the presentation:

  • Are there any recent changes to regulations?

  • Looking for clarification on “minor servicing” of machinery and usage of SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)

  • Looking for techniques to verify a breaker is at Zero Energy State

  • Techniques for reinforcing policy compliance

  • Defining exclusive control

  • Procedure inspection requirements

  • Machine specific procedure requirements (8 criteria)

  • Risk assessment process – requirement and details

  • New Technology for LOTO

  • Suggested enhancements for existing programs that are used for construction then not used any longer for production

ESC has included responses and answers to each of the topics and questions, however if you would like further information or have a follow up question please submit a request via the website and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

For anyone who couldn’t make the seminar (and for those who couldn’t take fast enough notes during the seminar) – we have compiled the list of questions that were asked and included them in the training file that can be downloaded here:


Authorized Lockout/Tagout Training Presentation



ESC LOTO Presentation – Advanced LOTO – VPPPA National August 2014

Click the picture or the link above to download the full presentation.

Please be sure to acknowledge ESC Services for any usage of the material contained within this presentation.



Download size: 4.68MB

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Note: This presentation contains unofficial advice and industry best practice knowledge. It is not intended to be used as a comprehensive lockout/tagout training for authorized employees. For official advice or assistance with developing an advanced lockout/tagout program, please contact us today to learn more.




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