ScanESC – Your Entire Lockout Tagout Database in One Convenient Place

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The problem with traditional lockout procedures, is they are paper copies with minimal document control that can easily go missing on a busy production floor." - Ashley Kehus, Mechanical Engineer

Managing a lockout tagout program can be difficult. A typical medium to large size company server is likely to contain a database of hazardous energy control procedures (often called lock out tag out procedures, HECP, or LOTO procedures), report findings from the most recent audit that have yet to be addressed, and multiple versions of the company’s lockout/tagout policy. But with ESC Services’ new ScanESC lockout tagout database app for iPad, staying organized is easy.

What Is Lockout Tagout Database and ScanESC?

SONY DSCScanESC is an iPad app and online server that helps manage a large scale lockout tagout database. A lockout tagout database might have 3 locations domestically, or 500 locations globally. ScanESC can hold the whole database of lockout tagout procedures and can be used to keep track of multiple sites throughout the country. The most up-to-date version of the lockout/tagout policy is also kept on the server. Procedure can be viewed on a tablet, while editable copies are safety kept online. The app can be used to track servicing activities real time, noting employees involved and downtime. Annual audits can be performed using the iPad while the information is conveniently stored on the server. Authorized employees lists can also be uploaded for annual employee review. The installation of QR codes on each machine allows for quick scan-and-use technology.

Real-Time Tracking of Lockout Usage

scanESC-assessing-equipment-during-loto-creationThe problem with traditional lockout procedures, is they are paper copies with minimal document control that can easily go missing on a busy production floor. ScanESC contains a catalog of all lockout tagout procedures that can easily be searched to find the desired procedure. The correct document can be viewed on the iPad and employees can carry the tablet with them as they lockout each energy source. The program allows employees to show who is involved in the lockout, how long it takes to deenergize the system, and how long the machine is out of service for maintenance. While locked out, both the ScanESC app and online server show which machine is down for repair. Reports detailing what machines have been locked out for the year and how often can be exported from the server.

Annual Program Audit

SONY DSCPerhaps the most powerful aspect of ScanESC is the ability to audit procedures and employees, while generating a task list when deficiencies are found. The program is coupled with QR codes installed on each unit, that can be scanned using the iPad. Once a QR code has been scanned, the corresponding energy control procedure is pulled from the database for auditing. A few simple yes/no questions help determine if the lockout tagout procedure is current or needs editing. All tasks are tracked on the iPad and online, making follow-up easier. The app allows users to sort procedures by those that have been audited & completed for the year, those that require follow-up, and those that have yet to be reviewed.

Authorized employees can also be entered into the system and observed performing a lockout to satisfy the annual employee inspection requirement.

lockout-tagout-auditingOnline Lockout Tagout Database and KPI Reports

All information gathered from the iPad can be viewed online from anywhere in the world from any platform. Large corporations will find this feature particularly useful, as they can monitor the progress at individual location from one online site in real time.

The private and highly secure website portal dashboard shows the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) percent of audit completed for both procedures and employees as well as the percentage of equipment currently locked out and the number of units locked out in the previous 90 days. These KPI for lockout tagout are often needed when companies are seeking six sigma transformations.

Detailed reports regarding audit findings, employee deficiencies, and machine maintenance records are kept from year to year and can be quickly exported to excel.

Current copies of the lockout tagout procedures are stored on the server and can be quickly updated with new versions. All current versions are pushed down to the iPad for employees and auditors to use. Old versions and obsolete files are stored in the server archive and can be viewed when necessary.

For an easier way to manage your lockout tagout program, consider switching to ScanESC. The iPad app is compatible with most procedure formats. For more information, contact us.

About Ashley Reyes
Ashley Reyes is the Engineering Operations Manager with ESC Services, a Rockwell Automation business. She manages the field engineering team and has previously managed several lockout/tagout implementation projects for many large companies in the US and Internationally. Ashley has worked in many different industries including general manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and food processing.