Advanced Lockout/Tagout Training Presentation

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The true intent behind hazardous energy control (Lockout/Tagout) is to prevent injury or death due to unexpected restart or reenergization during service of equipment.” - Jimi Michalscheck

Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) has been in the top ten most cited regulations for over 15 years and the trend is even more focus by OSHA. Last year, LOTO citations went up over 65%. Failure to meet LOTO regulations is not only costly — it can also be deadly. At ESC Services, Lockout/Tagout is what we do. It is our philosophy to not only implement a world class program quickly and accurately, but to also teach each company we work with how to properly maintain it so they can truly take ownership and protect their investment, and their employees.

This FREE overview presentation will give you a general understanding of advanced Lockout/Tagout Training principles, including:Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 9.53.43 AM

  • Basics components of every LOTO program
  • Discovering hidden efficiencies
  • Optimizing safety
  • Techniques to sustain your program
  • Utilization of modern technology with LOTO
  • Top 10 things to avoid

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Note: This presentation was used at a Regional VPPPA show. A more extensive presentation is available from our national VPPPA seminar (see below).

For more information on how ESC can save your company time, money, and keep your employees safe, contact us today.

About ESC Services
ESC Services, a Rockwell Automation brand, is a leader in lockout/tagout procedures. Our services include many aspects of employee safety and OSHA compliance, and our core focus is delivering custom comprehensive lockout/tagout service that yields intuitive graphical lockout/tagout procedures and modern methodology. Learn more about ESC Services here.