Have Lockout/Tagout Pay You Back

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Having a non-compliant or outdated lockout/tagout program can cost your company money in more ways than just OSHA fines. - Jimi Michalscheck

Improperly executed Lockout/Tagout programs can impact not only the safety of a company’s employees,  but also their bottom line in a big way. Having a non-compliant or outdated Lockout/Tagout program can cost your company money in more ways than just OSHA fines.

Click here to read a published article in Occupational Health and Safety Magazine on the ROI of lockout/tagout.

It’s time to have lockout/tagout pay you back:

  • Digital picture-based graphical lockout/tagout procedures. Utilizing a high-end digital camera will give you the best results. By using high-resolution images in your procedures, you are eliminating much of the time it takes the authorized employee to read the procedure because he or she can more quickly and confidently see what the equipment is and where the isolation point is located.
  • Ruggedized placards for the procedure. Many sign and label companies make products that can withstand most environments, even outdoors and in washdown areas. While the placard may vary in cost (from the heavyweight laminate for a few dollars to the top-of-the-line injection molded procedure for around ten times more), the investment will pay off when your authorized employees don’t have to hunt around looking for the procedure when they are trying to lock out a piece of equipment. It also helps with auditing to have the procedure mounted right at the point of use on the equipment.
  • Graphical energy source ID tags. Many custom sign shops can make just about any tag you want. Engraved plastic, stainless steel, or, if you want the best of both worlds, injection-molded polypropylene color tags mounted with a stainless steel tie. The point is no matter what you choose, utilize a graphical tag to mount at each energy source to help the authorized employee speed up the lockout/tagout process without compromising safety. An example of utilizing graphical tags: If you have a primary electrical source for your equipment, mount an E-1 tag right at the isolation point. Now your graphical procedure shows the authorized employee where the isolation point is, and the graphical energy source ID tag also indicates where the disconnect is by displaying “E-1” right on the disconnect itself.

Example of how investing in lockout/tagout can save $30,000 per year – forever:

If you had no program or even an outdated, text-based program, you can expect to see dramatic results from upgrading your program to a graphical based system. Through studies performed for our clients, we have seen efficiency improvements of more than 80 percent when compared with an existing, all-text-based procedure. This means that if the company was spending 100 hours a month locking equipment out and restoring it to service, it could easily reduce that to 20 hours per month. If the hourly rate were $30/hour, the company just saved $2,400 per month, or nearly $30,000 per year.

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