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You can rest assured that our Lockout-Tagout solutions are intuitive and future proof.

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The modern art of controlling hazardous energy.™

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Here at ESC Services, Lockout-Tagout is what we do. Learn more about ESC's unique approach to lockout-tagout service (LOTO Service) and see why so many large companies are inspired to rethink what is possible when hazardous energy control is done right.

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Lockout-Tagout is complex, but learning doesn't need to be. Beginners and advanced users alike will find the Learning Center a valuable place to find subject matter expertise, focused and relevant resources, and straight-talk answers and advice to help avoid common pitfalls.

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The NEWS page is the only place you will find fresh and targeted lockout-tagout information as well as exclusive tips and tricks only from ESC that will help you uncover hidden savings in your existing program. Learn, engage and improve - all for free.


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