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Alternative De-Energization Procedures – Why the change from Alternative Protective Measures?

ESC Services ADP - Alternative De-Energization Procedures
The offering itself has been updated to reflect a more robust program designed to verify all ADPs have removed the additional risk of potential harm to employees when not performing a full machine lockout/tagout.
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Comprehensive Lockout/Tagout Policy Creation

Understanding the unique attributes of each company’s safety program is key to creating a custom lockout/tagout policy. ESC will create a fully compliant lockout/tagout policy, where all OSHA components are present and site-specific rules are included.

Engineering Lockout/Tagout Procedures

ESC takes a unique approach to creating lockout/tagout procedures by taking the time to understand each company’s individual needs before creating a custom lockout/tagout solution that delivers the perfect harmony between safety and efficiency.

Customized Lockout/Tagout Training

ESC custom tailors a training solution to each client’s unique needs. ESC delivers all components needed for OSHA compliance, as well as industry best practices.

Annual Lockout/Tagout Program Auditing

ESC is able to perform an annual audit of lockout/tagout procedures and authorized employees. ESC takes the time to visually compare existing equipment to the written procedure to determine if there are any changes to the energy isolation process.


ScanESC™ is a patented software solution to help manage your lockout/tagout program. Your company will benefit from real time synchronizing of data between your authorized employees and a secure web portal set up exclusively for your company.